"Heroes of Envell" world premiere became the main event of MIPJunior 2017!

"Heroes of Envell" is a new animated series, the world premiere of which was one of the most expected events of the MIPJunior market, held on October 14-15 in Cannes, France. On Sunday, October 15, the international premiere of the cartoon, created by Parovoz Animation Studio, took place within the framework of the section "New Creative Territories to Watch".

The project was presented at 2017 MIPJunior World Premiere TV Screening by its director and screenwriter Anton Lanshakov and Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media, exclusive DTR content distributor.

Valeriya Paksyalina, representative of MIPJunior and MIPCOM in Russia, Ukraine and CIS: "For the first time in the 25-year history of MIPJunior, the Russian project was presented at World Premiere Screening. The Expert Council of Reed MIDEM chose the "Heroes of Envell".

Lucy Smith, Director of MIPJunior: "We have chosen "Heroes of Envell" for several reasons. Within the framework of MIPJunior, we decided to give a chance to the less well-known project, but worthy of attention. We like the originality of the idea, as well as the fact that the animated series is intended for the older age group of children. It is interesting that the game format is integrated into the cartoon, and children, as you know, love playing games. In general, for its the original format and original idea, I believe that "Heroes of Envell" has good international perspectives."

Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media: "This is a unique product for the Russian animation industry because this is the first project designed for the pre-teen category. These are very relevant stories for a modern young audience. The world created by the authors of the idea of this project, Evgeny Golovin and Anton Lanshakov, is very modern and suitable for modern adolescents. The creation of such projects for this audience is not so much developed today. The creation of characters that differ in gender, who have their own world, interests, mentality, cultural characteristics is quite difficult, and still, we need to follow the trends."

Anton Lanshakov, "Heroes of Envell" director and screenwriter: "What is Envell? It is still a secret. The cartoon is a comedic adventure of four dolts that accidentally got into a computer game, and now they have to wriggle out. Heroes are voiced by real children. The prototypes of all these characters are real people: my classmates or my relatives, so everything they say sounds like the truth. We have already started making computer game tests based on the animated series. In the game, four of you can play together as in the series. It is impossible to look at this game and not to buy it. We look at it and think "What the devil? We want it!"

The start of the international activity of Digital Television Russia together with its exclusive distributor Signal Media began in 2016 at the international MIPCOM market, and the projects created for the DTR channels in different genres have already achieved international recognition.

Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media: "We are developing every year launching new projects, every year we release something new. Together with the content, we develop our brands. We brought here VR Cinema - the first Russian family VR cinema. We are thinking about the long-term development of the industry and are ready to offer it to our partners abroad."