Superhero Rolando Locomotov will return to the children in the new animated series!

The new animated series will be very different from its predecessor: the duration of the episode will increase by 2 times and it will last for 5 minutes, the animation will become more traditional, and most importantly – now there will appear a super-villain in the cartoon.

According to the story, the drop out professor neglects the safety rules and tries to challenge Rolando Locomotov's superhero position and prove that he is the most important hero.

"Rolando Locomotov" is a catchy and instructive stories which happen from time to time to restless kids, Jerry and Mary. Any everyday activity, from cooking a pie, riding a bicycle, surfing the internet, to taking a walk in a park, usually leads to unforeseen consequences. Thank goodness, there is always a wonderful superhero,

Rolando Locomotov, nearby, who is ready to save everyone in a heartbeat. Rolando rescues Jerry and Mary when they get themselves caught in situations that turn so outrageously dangerous. Rolando always teaches them how to avoid future disasters through fun tactics. Each episode ends with simple rules from Rolando Locomotov, making it the best cautionary tale for kids.

Vadim Volya, the creator of the cartoon: "Creating "Rolando Locomotov" we considered from the very beginning a very important social component. The educational side always played a big role for us, it was very important to teach children safety rules. We, in our opinion, did this work. And now we are moving into a new format because we absolutely do not want to part with our heroes. And it will be a little bit different, more like comics, where Rolando will have an opponent. 

This character will challenge Rolando Locomotov's superhero position. He will try unsuccessfully to prove that Rolando is not a real hero, but he is a real one. But the fact is that Locomotov knows and applies the correct rules. But the half-educated professor ignores even the elementary rules, what in the end leads to very sad consequences for him." 

September, 30 and October, 4 the presentation of the book "The Right Rules of Rolando Locomotov" took place in Moscow.  All the guests could not only take an autograph, but also make photos with Rolando himself, and in addition, win invitations to the show "The birthday of Rolando Locomotov", which was held in Moscow on October 8 and will also be held on November 5.