"Woodventures" became the most popular cartoon the "MOOLT" application

The new animated series "Woodventures", created by Parovoz Animation Studio, became the leader in the "MOOLT" application as the most viewed cartoon, according to the monthly results.

The premiere of the first five episodes took place on August 28, and during the first month of its broadcasting (September), users spent 4 215 831 minutes watching "Woodventures"!

The main characters are wooden toys: Kitty Meow, Doggy Woof-Woof, Piggy Oink, Horsey Yee-ho-ho and Elephant Pawoo. The toys live in a small wooden town. Each of the toys has its own personality and reacts in its own way to various life events. With the help of the voice of the invisible narrator, the toys, along with the audience, face different challenges, playing and enjoying their adventures. The Woodventures is a musical series featuring a variety of songs and dances. Some of the songs represent our heroes and appear in each episode, while others are related to the individual story itself and only used in a particular episode. There is a learning element in the game form in each episode. The toys, along with the audience, learn about colors, shapes, objects, finding their way out of the challenging situations, friendship and mutual help, as well as exploring the world around them. The series is positive, kind, and with a good touch of humor.

Alexey Ilyin (producer, Interactive Moolt) comments: "This has happened before, but this is a great achievement for a new cartoon. Especially considering that it is aimed at the very young audience."

"Woodventures" is the simplest animated series with a simple plot, meaning and form - the screen is not overloaded with objects. The kid knows exactly what's going on. We observed the children watching this cartoon. They watched it again and again, with great interest, and they did not get bored. On the one hand, the plot is simple and understandable. On the other hand, it provides a certain delta of meaning and does not bother you," – said Elena Boronina, a leading psychologist at the International Psychological Center.

"Such cartoons are very useful in our time when the age when children begin to watch cartoons is getting younger. This cartoon addresses important topics - game, friendship, help, they are few, but enough for the baby. Through these themes, the emotional sphere of the child is formed; moral norms are introduced, starting from an early age in an understandable way."

On the second place in the "MOOLT" app in September is "Leo and Tig" animated series (3 173 831 minutes), "Fantasy Patrol" closes the top three (2,993,860 minutes). The fourth result was also made by a new project called "Cutie Cubies" already has 2,930,552 minutes of viewing. "Be-be-bears" is on the fifth place with 2,815,289 minutes.

All animated series from TOP-5 are created by Parovoz Animation Studio. In total there are 43 different animated series in the app that users can watch without advertising and even without access to the Internet. That's why the application is so popular and gained 3,5 million of installs.