New application "Leo and Tig" - meeting with favorite cartoon characters and educational mini-games

"Interactive Moolt", publisher of children's educational applications based on Russian animated series, which regularly got into the tops of the App Store and Google Play, has released a new game "Leo and Tig".

The heart of the story is a new adventure and play of favorite kids’ characters - Leo the Amur leopard, Tig the playful tiger, Mila the little weasel, Jara the crafty lynx, or Cuba the cheerful boar. Each of them has a unique personality and special abilities to help them overcome all kinds of difficulties.  Small players will have to go through exciting tasks and help the main characters overcome difficulties. 

The game includes five expansive locations where a story of friendship, helping each other and caring for nature unfolds. The game’s plants and animals reflect the magnificence and diversity of Primorsky Territory, and children can interact with all of the living things featured.  

The new application will help to small users to develop their memory and reaction time, as well as logical thinking alongside the characters in a series of fun tasks. 

Courage is bound to be encouraged: for each task passed, the player receives cards with beautiful illustrations, sketches, and postcards dedicated to the popular cartoon created Parovoz Animated Studio. The animated series "Leo and Tig", broadcast on the "MOOLT" TV channel, won the hearts of millions of small TV viewers throughout the country, and by the end of the year, it will be broadcast in China.

The game "Leo and Teague", which appeared today in App Store stores and Google Play stores, will meet with your favorite characters of the animated series, and, of course, help to develop important and useful skills: the application contains a lot of mini-games for training memory, speed reaction, and logic. The mission of the game will introduce children to the amazing diversity of the nature of the Far Eastern region and help to cultivate a caring attitude towards it. 

The release of the game was supported by the "Living Planet" TV channel, which is in favor of protecting the environment.  "Leo and Tig" has already topped the list of the best free applications for the iPad.

The game is available for free for mobile devices operating systems iOS and Android.