Russian factual entertainment projects will be available for the viewers in Croatia on the TV channels of media holding HRT

"Signal Media" and the largest Croatian media holding HRT closed the deal for the sale of rights to the factual entertainment projects of "Digital Television Russia" production.

"Great Rivers" and "Arctic: Underwater Aliens", produced by "My Planet" TV channel, documentary TV project "2 degrees to the end" by "Nauka" TV channel, as well as the unique films "Amur Tiger. The Path to the Sacred Mountain" and "Blackston’s Fish Owl", created by "Living Planet" TV channel, adapted for international sales by "Digital Television Russia", will soon be available to the viewers throughout Croatia on the channels of the largest state media holding HRT.

The agreement on the acquisition of rights to the line-ups is concluded between "Signal Media" company, distributing "Digital Television Russia" content, and the largest public broadcaster of Croatia - HRT.

HRT is the state broadcaster, the largest media corporation in the country. The company operates two general-purpose broadcast channels and three thematic projects: the family television channel HRT 3, documentary-factual entertainment HRT 4, and HRT Plus - a television channel, based on the programs of its own production. In addition, the Croatian broadcaster's portfolio includes three radio stations and several Internet portals.

Most projects are familiar to the Russian audience, but two of them will be broadcast for the first time in the new TV season.

"Blackston’s Fish Owl" is a new project of "Living Planet" TV channel. The authors of the documentary traveled to the Far East in search of a rare bird. A fish owl is a species that is on the verge of extinction. There is no one more mysterious on the eastern border of the land, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The genus of this fish owl is so ancient that no one can say where it came from. This rare bird chooses the most remote locations of the Ussuri taiga for their abodes.

The film will premiere on "Living Planet" on September, 23 at 10:00 and at 20:00.

Documentary "2 degrees to the end" is another new project that will be broadcast in the new season on "Nauka" TV channel. Endless threats on humanity emerge from global warming: from an overflow of toxic methane to a worldwide flood. The United Nations established the world being 2 degrees away from the point of no return. The audience witnesses the scale of changes to come and the extent to which humanity has the ability to influence cosmic processes. 

Rivers: the veins and tendons branching our planet. Bursting through mountains and languid in valleys, these are the blue limbs of life, whimsical serpents cutting through the earth. There are over two million rivers on the territory of Russia. Their length put together is longer than twelve million kilometers. People have settled along these river banks for thousands of years. Reflected in these clear waters are developing and dying civilizations of history. Rivers were a binding thread between cultures and countries, they breathe history, legends, and mysteries. These are Great Waters: the "Great Rivers".

The documentary "Amur Tiger. The Path to the Sacred Mountain" is another unique project in the scale and complexity of the "Living Planet" TV channel. The shooting was taken in the Far East of Russia, in the wilds of the Ussuri taiga, covering the territory of several reserve parks, and also the shore of the taiga Bikin River, where the Udege hunters live side by side with the Tiger.

The premiere of the documentary "Arctic: Underwater Aliens" had a great success on the TV channel "My Planet" this spring. The project introduces viewers to the amazing creatures that live in the icy waters of the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean and show the diversity of life that exists in the waters of the Arctic. The film includes a lot of underwater shooting that was made for several years by the biologists of the White Sea Biological Station of Moscow State University.