Digital Television Russia in partnership with Dazzle presents the largest pool of Russian animation and mobile games in China

The Russian media group Digital Television Russia (VGTRK and Rostelecom) and one of the largest Chinese companies in the mobile applications industry Dazzle Interactive Network Technologies (China Telecom) have agreed on a partnership in education and promotion of media content for children. In the nearest future, Chinese viewers will be able to watch animated series from Russia and also have access to educational mobile games, applications.

On September 8, representatives of Dazzle Interactive Network Technologies and Digital Television Russia signed two cooperation agreements in Beijing, providing the transfer of rights to the Chinese company for the largest pool of Russian animated series, mobile games, and applications owned by Digital Television Russia. Their distribution in China will start in 2017.

Dazzle Interactive Network Technologies (Dazzle), a subsidiary of state-owned telecommunications company China Telecom that specializes in creating and promoting applications and mobile games.

The group of companies Digital Television Russia is a subsidiary of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) and Rostelecom. DTR is a leader in the Russian market of thematic television and new media.

19 TV channels of various genres, digital platforms for the animation promotion, mobile games and applications, adapted for promotion in other countries, including China, are among the assets of Digital Television Russia. The exclusive distributor of DTR content is Signal Media company.

Under the terms of the agreements, Digital Television Russia transfers the rights to more than 500 episodes of Russian animated series: "Leo and Tig", "Be-be-bears", "Fantasy Patrol", "Paper Tales", "Rolando Locomotov", "Magic Lantern" to the Dazzle company. In the nearest future, they will be broadcast on Dazzle digital platforms and Internet resources.

Also, the Chinese company will distribute 9 educational games for children created by Interactive Moolt based on animated series: "Be-be-bears", "Leo and Tig", "Paper Tales", "Fantasy Patrol", "Magic Lantern" "Rolando Locomotov" and others.

Animated series and mobile games have been adapted for the promotion in China. They were translated and re-sounded into Chinese, also the graphics were changed and the scenarios were corrected according to the cultural specificities of the country's audience.

Dmitry Mednikov, Deputy General Director of VGTRK, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital Television Russia, Julia Aristarkhova, Strategy and Legal Affairs Director of Digital Television Russia; Renat Nezametdinov, CEO,  VGTRK game department, Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media, the exclusive distributor of Digital Television Russia content, took part in the ceremony of signing agreements from the Russian side.

"Digital Television Russia considered China as one of the priority directions, taking the decision on promotion in other countries. The Chinese people pay great attention to gaining knowledge from an early age. We are sure that Chinese families with children will appreciate and love the characters of our best cartoons and educational games that help to discover the world around us. They are international, and therefore will be understandable in different countries. We are very pleased to start a partnership with Dazzle that has extensive experience, all the necessary technologies to acquaint all Chinese people with popular cartoons and applications from Russia. We have high hopes that our cooperation with Dazzle will expand!" commented Dmitry Mednikov, Deputy General Director of VGTRK, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital Television Russia.

"Together with our Chinese partners, we managed to agree and prepare the necessary package of documents for the transfer of rights very quickly. In China, there is a strong demand for children's animation and gaming projects, the market is growing rapidly. In our case, in Russia, a game based on a popular cartoon brand certainly provides some user involvement. But in the framework of the deal with Dazzle, the opposite effect worked: foreign partners paid attention to the animated products due to the high quality of mobile projects," says Renat Nezametdinov, head of the game department of VGTRK (Russia) and CEO of Interactive Moolt.

Also, Dazzle Interactive Network Technologies and Digital Television Russia agreed on a strategy for joint actions to promote Russian media content in China and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation. Representatives of companies participating in the Memorandum believe that their mutually beneficial partnership in the field of media business will contribute to the strengthening of Russian-Chinese cultural relations in general.