"Signal Media" and Czech media holding FTV PRIMA closed the deal for the sale of rights to eight projects produced by Digital Television Russia

Russian factual entertainment projects "Astronaut Dairies. A year in space", "Bionics", "Monsters Machines", produced by the television channel "Nauka", "Target Range" produced by "T24" channel, that changed the image of the Russian army, as well as unique documentary projects "Arctic. Underwater Aliens", "Amur tiger. The path to the sacred mountain", and "The Great Peaks of Russia" and "Extreme Photographer" created by the TV channels "My Planet" and "Living Planet" and adapted for international sales by Digital Television Russia will soon become available to the viewers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the thematic TV channels of media holding FTV Prima.

The agreement on the rights acquisition to the projects was signed between Signal Media, an exclusive distributor of Digital Television Russia content, and the Czech media holding FTV Prima, one of the largest broadcasters in the Czech Republic.

Five different genre TV channels are in the portfolio of FTV Prima: the flagship project for the whole family is Prima TV, entertaining - Prima Cool, aimed at the young audience, female - Prima LOVE and factual entertainment Prima Zoom, the content of which will complement the production lines of Digital Television Russia. In addition to TV channels, the media holding operates several online resources: Prima COOL, Prima PLAY, Prima Style, Prima Wives, Prima FRESH.

All Russian line-ups are well known to the viewers of the TV channels "Nauka", "My Planet", "Living Planet" and "T24".

"Astronaut Dairies. A year in space" an extraordinary, unearthly reality show documenting the longest expedition at the International Space Station, made by the astronauts themselves, space heroes: Mikhail Kornienko and Scott Kelly. As never seen before, the viewer can not only live on the station with the astronauts, from the moment of takeoff till their return, but also witness the inner workings of the entire space industry that upholds the expedition and feel the very emotions of the loved ones back on earth waiting a year for their heroes. Something otherworldly is made reachable as we watch the astronauts brush their teeth in zero-gravity and enjoy a cosmic sunset.

"Target Range" is the show about everything a man dreams of since childhood: endless weapons and muddy military techs. Ordinary civilians don’t know much about this innovative equipment. "Target Range" heads to real training fields. In combat mode, the audience will try to figure out how soldier field kits, modern armored cars, sniper rifles, attack helicopters, and warships function. With the same curiosity as recruits have, viewers will explore the functionality of all the nuts and bolts, watch test drives, risky trial runs, and reckless experiments.

"Arctic. Underwater Aliens" a film project that tells about the unique fauna of the Arctic waters washing the Russian northern borders. In the severe expanses of the Arctic, there is another life, hidden under a thick layer of ice water. Inhabited by fascinating creatures, only in these chilling waters, does the sea angel destroy the devilish sea snail. The real footage will immerse the audience into the Arctic to meet all the Underwater Aliens. The documentary was created by the traveler, biologist, photographer Alexander Semenov and the crew of the TV channel My Planet.

Documentary "Amur tiger. The path to the sacred mountain" is a project of the "Living Planet" TV channel, unique in scale and complexity. The enigmatic Far East: an unbelievable world, in which the grave Siberian forest exists alongside the subtropics in a mystical way. Here, in the taiga, the Amur tiger is the master. The ancient Udeghe legend reads: “at sunset of their last day, the Amur tiger goes up to the top of the sacred mountain to die. That’s the law established by the Creator of all of life.” No one can find this sacred tiger mountain. Our audience can head out to the untrodden wilderness of the taiga following the Amur tiger, in search of where it finds eternal rest. The Amur tiger is more than just a predator, but a godly being, one to worship and fear.

The project "The Great Peaks of Russia" is dedicated to the five of Russia’s highest peaks - its symbols and its pride Five Russian summits, five of Russia’s highest peaks. Elbrus in the Caucuses, Yudychvumchorr in the Kola Peninsula, Narodnaya mountain in the Urals, Klyuchevskaya Sopka in Kamchatka, Belukha mountain in Altai. Throughout the ages, these mountains awed and thrilled people. They are places of power and magnetism. Frightening and inaccessible. Enticing and consumed in legends. People always try to conquer these mountains but are endlessly conquered by them. Miraculous stories about the vertical world and its ecology, nature, heroes, and destinies.

"Extreme Photographer" – documentary series about the travels of extreme photographer Olga Michi, who adventures to the most remote corners of our planet to take the rarest shots of endangered animals: from the crocodiles in the murky waters of the Okavango, mountain gorillas in the rainforests of Africa, and to the white whales under the ice of the White Sea. She isn’t just an adrenaline junkie, she seeks to show the beauty of endangered wildlife through the art of photography, simultaneously raising awareness. Zoologists, rangers, and employees of reserves explain the behavior of different animals in their natural habitat to help Olga take such shots. Olga looks into the eyes of the most dangerous animals, overcoming her biggest fears.

For centuries, humanity has tried to understand the most complicated organisms of nature, attempting to reproduce them. ‘Fly like a bird’, ‘swim like a fish,’ and ‘see like an eagle’: these aren’t simply phrases, today these are a part of something possible, this is science. Biology and Technologies have become one: Bionics ― a science that emerged way back from Leonardo da Vinci's machines. The show explains the interrelations between living organisms and man-made inventions. What did we take from our kindred creatures and make into everyday resources? What secrets of nature haven’t we investigated yet? This is what the "Bionics" project tells the audience about.

The TV show "Monsters Machines" is about impressive tanks, locomotives, tower cranes and other “monsters” humans have surrounded themselves with. What is their configuration? What are they made out of? How do they function? What are they used for? How are they manufactured? The most load-lifting helicopter in the world Mi-26, a real flying monster, and the Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world, able to fly nonstop for 15,000 kilometers and carry up to 853 passengers ― nobody thinks of what it takes to make these gigantic metal creatures come to life: move and even fly. In each episode Alexander Vershinin dissects one monster from the machine world, gutting its internal anatomy.