"Interactive Moolt" released a new application “Be-be-bears: Early Learning”!

"Interactive Moolt" publisher released a new application “Be-be-bears: Early Learning” - a set of educational games for children from 3 to 6 years. “Be-be-bears: Early Learning” will help children to successfully prepare for the school: to master reading, counting, developing and supporting creative abilities. And thanks to the familiar characters of the "Be-be-bears" cartoon, the learning process will be easy and fun.

In stores of mobile applications App Store and Google Play “Be-be-bears: Early Learning” appeared in four games in the composition - "Words", "Numbers", "Drawing" and "English words".

“Be-be-bears: Early Learning” is a suite of educational apps that will help prepare children for school through interactive games with their favorite characters from the Be-Be-Bears cartoon series. “Be-be-bears: Early Learning” teaches children to put sounds together to form words, play with numbers, and think creatively. And best of all, Bjorn and Bucky are on hand to make learning fun!

“Numbers” helps kids learn to count from one to ten and how to add and subtract. The exercises are varied, entertaining, full of color, and will keep kids coming back for more! The game includes a set of tasks in which kids get to balance the correct number of animals with the corresponding figures on a set of scales.

"Drawing” is an educational app with two modes: interactive stories with coloring, and freehand sketching. In the first mode, kids can bring Bjorn and Bucky to life by coloring in pre-prepared sketches. In the second, they can try their hand at free drawing, and create whatever their hearts desire!

“Words” helps kids start to learn English letters and words in an easy-to-understand and fun-to-play game.


“Interactive Moolt” is one of the largest children’s mobile app publishers and a leader in children’s application market segment in Russia and CIS. Their main focus is on development, publishing, and marketing of educational mobile games and apps based on cartoons shown on the “Moolt” TV channel

The total number of installs of games and applications exceeded 14 million.

The project began its activity in July 2015 as a gaming unit of the largest Russian media holding VGTRK.

The main direction - the development of mobile games and applications based on the same animated series, broadcasted on the TV channel "Moolt".