Russian animated series "Fantasy Patrol" will be available for the viewers in Sweden!

"Signal Media" and the largest Swedish broadcaster SVT closed the deal to sell the rights to the animated television series "Fantasy Patrol"

The popular Russian animated series "Fantasy Patrol", produced by Parovoz Animation Studio, adapted for the international sales by Digital Television Russia will be available to viewers in Sweden on the Sveriges Television AB (SVT) network.

The agreement to acquire the rights to broadcast the animated series was signed between Signal Media, a company that distributes Digital Television Russia content, and Sweden's largest broadcaster, the SVT media holding.

There are several different genre TV channels In the portfolio of Sveriges Television, that have leading positions in the Swedish television market: the popular scientific channel Kunskapskanalen, SVT1 and SVT2 general channels, the SVT Play VOD platform, and the SVTB - Barnkanalen children's TV channel.

"Fantasy Patrol" is one of the most popular projects of Parovoz Animation Studio. The animated series is aimed at the audience of girls from 6 to 11 years old, but it is enjoyed also by teenagers. The cartoon helps develop imagination, teaches friendship and helps small viewers to believe in their strength, goodness, and miracles.

The story of "Fantasy Patrol" takes place in the mystical town of Fableton, filled with magical heroes, unusual adventures, and thrilling wonders. The citizens think that it is all just a spectacle for tourists. But it is not the same for our heroes! Four average young girls filled with energy, bravery, and superpowers, get into endless adventures while trying to balance the world of fairies within the human one. Valery is the sassy leader, Mary the brainy one, Snowy the whimsical dreamer, and Helena the girl with dynamite energy. Although they're different, through their genuine relationships and modern gadgets, they monitor the magical mayhem which pops up amongst ordinary citizens, conquering any mission in their agenda together!

The television audience of the "Fantasy Patrol" in Russia is estimated at tens of millions of people. The premiere took place in May 2016 on the TV channels "MOOLT", ANI and "Tlum HD". The cartoon became one of the main hits of 2016 on YouTube. And at the end of March this year, "Fantasy Patrol" got into the final of the contest program of prestigious International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy (France).

In addition, "Fantasy Patrol" - it's also an exciting mobile game created by Interactive Moolt. Kids can choose any of the four sorceresses to complete quests and compete with your friends. Take pictures of magical creatures and collect them. Create own decor, collect rare plants and pictures of enchanted creatures and use magic.