Four Russian factual entertainment line-ups will be available for viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia!

The Russian factual entertainment projects “Man in Arms”, “Tough Max”, “Renovators” and “Russian Bastions” produced by “T24” and “My Planet” TV channels and adapted for international sales by Digital Television Russia will soon be available for viewers on throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the thematic channels of KINOSVET media holding.

The agreement on the acquisition of rights to the lineups was signed between “Signal Media”, a company that distributes the content of Digital Television Russia, and the Czech media holding KINOSVET, operating several thematic TV channels, that are present on the platforms of the largest operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Czech broadcaster's portfolio includes four different genre channels: educational KINOSVET TV, cinematographic CS Film TV and Horor Film TV, and a channel for children of CS mini TV. In addition, in October the media holding launches a new twenty-four-hour channel dedicated to military issues - the WAR Channel, the content of which will complement the production lines of Digital Television Russia. It is planned that the premiere show of Russian factual entertainment projects will be held on the new television channel immediately after the start of broadcasting, in the evening prime time.

All four lune-ups for which broadcasting rights were realized are well known to Russian viewers of "T24" and "My Planet" TV channels.

“Man in Arms” is a large-scale project on non-combat weapons. Crossbows, rifles, pistols, shotguns make up a sea of arms for any of your needs: self-defense, sports, or hunting. Eye-popping experiments debunk myths about the superiority and capabilities of some models of weapons over others. Using a high-tech speedcam that shoots up to 30,000 shots per second, even the most miniscule nuances are shown through comparative ergonomic, accuracy, and capacity tests. And all that the camera did not catch, the audience will get to see with the help of computer graphics. Pressing themes, exciting facts, jaw-dropping tests, and professional commentaries ― this is Man in Arms.

“Tough Max” is a cycle of programs about the modern heroes of our dangerous world: firefighters, special military forces, and rescuers risk their lives every day to save the lives of civilians and usually stay behind the scenes. Tough Max gives the audience a chance to try on their shoes. We see how the strong men of our world prepare for the special forces. The viewer experiences the ins and outs of a country's security measures. A professional sportsman and former military officer, Max personally examines the stages of preparation undergone to become a true hero of our time. 

“Renovators” a documentary series dedicated to the fascinating process of restoring unique samples of various mechanisms. The project tells about people who painstakingly carry out a set of complex works on restoration and give old combat and non-combat vehicles a new life. The audience will learn the ins and outs of military equipment restoration. 

The project "Russian Bastions" tells about the fortresses that influenced the development of the country, the most violent sieges and battles that changed the course of history itself.