"My Planet" TV channel invites to the festival "My Planet. People’s Planet”

"My planet. People’s Planet" is an annual largest festival of "My Planet" TV channel, dedicated to the people’s life in different parts of the Earth and travelling. Every year more than 200 000 fans from different cities of Russia visit the festival. Traditionally it starts in Moscow and will take place in Kaliningrad, Voronezh, Novosibirsk and Ufa.

Photo exhibition "Nature: the beginning", a part of the festival opens on July 4 in the popular park of art "Museon".

2017 is declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. And it is true - it is important to talk about ecology as often as possible and louder. With the help of the photo exhibition "Nature: the beginning" we will tell and show how harmonious nature is and how important it is to preserve it in its primordiality. That is why such name was chosen for this exhibition - "Nature: the beginning."

The most interesting documentary films were selected into the film program of the festival "My Planet. People’s Planet " All the documentaries are created by the factual entertainment television channels "My Planet", "Science", "Living Planet", all of them are parts of “Digital Television Russia” company.

Film by Andrey Ponkratov "Cuba. Index of Happiness" tells about the Cuban long-livers and the secrets of their happiness. You can learn the incredible story of a rare bird listed in the Red Book - a fish owl - from the documentary "Blakiston’s Fish Owl".  The authors of the film were able to shoot the bird hunting and nurturing chicks nurturing chicks. The documentary "World Market. Evolution" with Alexander Pryanikov is devoted to the confrontation of markets and supermarkets.

In the fourth festival film "Life with bacteria" three young Russian scientists are trying to create environmentally friendly fuel and looking for a way to overcome global warming. For this they travel to the Caucasus in search of lactic acid bacteria.

On the weekend of July 22 and 23 in Moscow in the summer cinema MUSEON a traditional lecture hall open its doors for the audience.  "My Planet" TV hosts will tell about their last travels and discoveries, and Russian bloggers and travelers will share their experience and answer the questions.


Find out more about the 2017 festival: moya-planeta.ru/festival/2017